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Jeff Grillo, LMBT

Jeff Grill LMBT

Jeff is a seasoned massage professional with nearly 21 years of experience. Before becoming a therapist, he was an on-air radio DJ with most of his airtime happening in the Tampa, Florida market. Jeff happens to be blind and became a massage therapist towards the end of his radio career. He loves people and is especially passionate about helping people deal with all sorts of challenges, including, of course, chronic pain. 

Jeff is especially enthusiastic about helping others as a result of having to overcome so many challenges in his life in addition to the loss of his sight. He is a cancer survivor of more than 30 years.

Graduating Massage school and getting right to work in October of 2000, Jeff immediately dove in and acquired a number of certifications that have served him and his clients well all these years. Neuromuscular, Myofascial release, and sports massage are just a few of his favorite modalities. He also was certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) from 2001-2006. Jeff even spent two years helping student therapists become licensed so they could in turn help others as well. He taught Anatomy & Physiology both in Florida and here in North Carolina. Mainly he taught the nervous and cardiovascular systems and filled in occasionally teaching hands-on techniques.

Jeff considers himself to be a bit of a nerd when it comes to his hobbies. He loves to write and has self-published two books, which both received a nice amount of attention. He has appeared on numerous radio, TV, podcasts and blog interviews tied to his release of his books. “Power In Perseverance” was published in 2006 and his latest, “The Excuse Assassin” came out in 2015. Keeping with his interests in broadcasting, he has obtained the highest licensure granted by the FCC for Amateur (HAM) radio. Finally, he has tortured his wife with his interest in guitar. He has a couple of very nice electric guitars and his prized possession electric Taylor guitar.

Last, but far from least, is his wonderful wife and two children. Oh and the pets that have the run of the house are his daughter’s cat “Jingle Bell” and his guide dog “Veda”, which happens to be Italian for “sight.”

Alexia Snelbaker, LMBT 

Alexia Snelbaker, LMBTAlexia is a licensed massage therapist that moved to the area from Hebron, Kentucky in May of 2020. She graduated from Lexington Healing Arts Academy in November of 2018. Before joining Dr. Troy's team, Alexia spent over a year working in a chiropractor's office in KY where she specialized in deep tissue and medical massage.

Alexia is passionate for helping people and loves being a massage therapist. She believes massage is essential to a healthy mind and body. Pain relief is her main goal and allowing people to live their lives in the best condition possible. 

Aside from massage, Alexia is a former athlete and loves sports, having played many years of softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and soccer. In her free time, Alexia also enjoys wakeboarding, wake surfing, long boarding, and hiking. She is a mom to two very fluffy cats which she spoils daily.