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The Office Greeters


Baloo Lynn

Baloo is our full-time office greeter and longest tenured employee at Lifeworks aside from Dr. Troy, greeting patients since he was a little pup circa 2010! As he's been around for so long, we look the other way when he is often caught sleeping on the job.

*Baloo would like us to remind patients he works for pets and treats.*

Archer Ash

Archer Ash Lynn

Archer is our youngest employee and he has quite the personality. If you have a dog, he will sniff that out and be your best buddy! Our part-time office greeter is quite the socialite and splits time with Lifeworks, Southlake Counseling, and Barks and Rec.

Archer graciously accepts tips in the form of pets and treats (bully sticks are his favorite). He hopes to say hello on your next visit to the office!