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The Office Greeters

In loving memory of Baloo Bear Lynn (aka "Roo Roo") 2010 - 2023

Baloo Lynn

Baloo was the longest tenured employee at Lifeworks aside from Dr. Troy, greeting patients since he was a little pup circa 2010! 

Clovis Clover Lynn

Clovis Office Greeter

Our youngest office greeter in training is eager to say hello on your next visit to the office! He has shown a knack for sales, carrying our Standard Process supplement bottles around the office. 

Clovis graciously accepts tips in the form of treats, treats, and more treats (bully sticks are his favorite). 

Archer Ash Lynn, CGC

Archer Ash Lynn

Archer has been working in a professional office setting since 2020 and does fill-in work as Office Greeter due to his many other commitments in the community. You can see him most days dropping off his fur-brothers on his was to his job as a therapy dog at Lakeshore Counseling and Pool Lifeguard and Tree Branch Manager at Barks and Rec.  

Archer has undergone professional training from the Dog Pros in Mooresville NC in 2020 to ensure others’ safety and decrease the risk of physical harm from jumping, scratching, or biting. Archer has been evaluated for compliance with a standard for suitability of temperament and quality of training and passed the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test in October of 2022.